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“First name: Doodoo Nickname: DooDooRoolu Age: 199 Gender: Australian. Sexual Orientation: 2 Girls 1 Cup. Nationality: Female Relationship status: Saving yourself for me. Likes: Me. Dislikes: My nemesis. Random fact: YOU ARE SUPER CRAZY ATTRACTIVE AND SMART FOR SOMEONE WITH A NAME LIKE ''DOODOO''” pirakeet

Spot on Frankie down to the last detail

Weird story the other day I was at my friends party and we started playing Kings and for the make a rule card we all got given porn names and mine was 2 girls 1 cup and you just reminded me of that

I was gonna do one but I can’t copy paste the list in mobile so I gave up :|

Fair enough. I’m not actually upset about it

I’m going to assume everyone is just too intimidated to try and do the “how well do you know me” thing for me because I didn’t get anyone attempting it

I actually took a picture with my cat the other day. She did not appreciate it.

I actually took a picture with my cat the other day. She did not appreciate it.

“soup or salad?” Anonymous


How Well Do Your Followers Know You?

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entire dash is butts


I can’t even tell which angle I’m viewing this from

It’s from the back, but the picture cuts off just past the spine. So this would be someone’s right bum cheek

Reblog with Your Desktop (no Cleaning)



this…this is really messy, i’m sorry. and i am aware it’s only july but i can be spooky all year around okAY.

also my background is this background from neopets, how cute is that?

I just can”t find a wallpaper I’m happy with. Also I’m incredibly obsessive about keeping it clean

“Turn down for what?” blumarooswithdicks

What’s even the proper reply to this?

“are you single? are you straight? are you a fan of LL Cool J?” Anonymous

I don’t remember if I ever actually got this ask when it went around how exciting.

Yes, not really, and I’m not a fan of the way he hosts the grammys. He just yammers on for ages when I want to see people perform.